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What is Drama Club?

Welcome to the vibrant world of the West Jr.  High School Drama Club, where creativity takes center stage and young talents find their voices in the spotlight and beyond. The West Jr.  High School drama club is a dynamic and inclusive space that serves as a breeding ground for budding actors, directors, and behind-the-scenes enthusiasts.

As students step into the drama club, they enter a realm filled with energy, excitement, and a sense of camaraderie. Whether they are seasoned performers or first-time participants, the drama club welcomes all with open arms, fostering an environment where diversity is celebrated, and individuality is encouraged.

Rehearsals buzz with a combination of laughter, focused concentration, and the thrill of bringing a story to life. The club provides a platform for students to explore their creativity, build confidence, and develop a range of skills, from acting and stage presence to teamwork and problem-solving.

The heart of the drama club beats with the passion of its members, who collaborate to produce memorable performances, ranging from classic plays to contemporary musical productions. The club's repertoire showcases a variety of genres, allowing students to explore different facets of theatrical expression.

Behind the scenes, there's a dedicated crew handling everything from set design and costume creation to lighting and sound. These unsung heroes work tirelessly to ensure that the magic of the performance extends beyond the actors to captivate the audience.

The drama club also serves as a melting pot of friendships and shared experiences. Members often form close bonds as they navigate the challenges and triumphs of the creative process together. Through the highs and lows of rehearsals, students learn not only about the art of theater but also about themselves and their peers.

Beyond the stage, the drama club often engages with the wider school community, hosting performances that entertain, inspire, and showcase the incredible talent within its ranks. These events create lasting memories and contribute to the vibrant tapestry of the school's cultural life.

In the West Jr.  High School drama club, every member plays a vital role, contributing to the rich tapestry of creativity and collaboration that defines this lively and transformative extracurricular activity. It's a place where young minds explore, express, and, most importantly, enjoy the magic of the theatrical arts.

Team Members


A'Mari Washington

Addison Brutto

Alijah Burrell

Amya White

Andi Halbert

Andrea Robinson

Annabelle Spriggs

Ashira Rainey

Aubree Johnson

Brandy Butchee

Brenlei Wilson

Brian Lopez-Pliego

Carter Mitchell

Charlie Schaeffer

Daniel Smith

Ellori Douglas- Hill

Emma Frick

Grace Sykes

Hosiah hickman

J’Elle Napper

Jamya McKinnon

Jax Romeo

Josephine Rogers

Katy Grant

Kayleigh Mims

Kei’Agea Brown

Kevin Gonzales

Leona Hughes

Luis Soto

Mackenzie Carbolla

Madison Stamm

Myra Phillips

Ollie Coop

Oziel Ahmed

Rylee Taylor

Ryliegh Winkelmann

Shyanna Summers

Trinity Bolton

Willow Brody

Zamouria Smiley


Jenny Mondt



Jessica Silvia